DEMO 2013

by ThenJustDeath

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Demo 2013


released January 1, 2013



all rights reserved


ThenJustDeath Jastrowie, Poland

Bartek "Bartas" Misiak - wokal
Mateusz "Józek" Józefko - gitara
Miłosz "Hiszpan" Konkel - bass
Mateusz "Gieras" Gierszewski - perkusja
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Track Name: Feed Up
Fed up with your fucking words
Fed up with your fucking lies
Fed up with your fucking face
Get out of my way

Cocksucking bastard, stupid slut of system
No there's no return, no there's no apologies

I will fucking dance
On your grave
Its my right
To revange
Right to fight on, spit on your life
its my time for revange

Its too much for me to take today
I am feed up I don't fucking care
Track Name: Legion
Drowned in the depths of insanity
Marching through the flames of bloodlust
One goal unite us all
To rule this fucking world

One name, one blood
Pure violence in many forms
Wielding swords, never fall
We rule this fucking world

Come son, come and behold
Behold the lords of legion
The sun comes down
Our valor is rised again
Track Name: Not a part of
Im not a part, of your system
Im not a part, of your fucking weakness

Im not a part, of your system
What i belive in, is not your business
You're fucking weak, step off
We stand alone, but still together

Among your shit it's hard to still belive
In loyalty strength and independence

Im not a part, of your system
Im not a part, of your fucking weakness
Track Name: Death'n'roll
We stand above them
Fighting with them all
We are the children of fucking rock 'n' roll
Still drunk, still young, public enemy number one
We are the children of fucking rock 'n' roll

Tonight the booze and boobs will feed my soul
We are the children of fucking rock 'n' roll

We are, we are
We are the children
We are the children
Of fucking rock 'n' roll

This is pure hate
This is pure love
This is fucking
Rock 'n' roll
Track Name: Weakness
We rise again theres no surrender anymore
Too late for you to beg for mercy fucking scum
No excuse, we won't remain silent
Nothing left behind my back, nothing for you.

Screw your fucking weakness

We are the ones youre so scared of motherfuckers
We are the ones youre so afraid of
fucking liars

We always fight for a reason
We always fight
Track Name: Silence
No words, no screams,
just nothing of that shit
You're dead, you're deaf
Just praise the fucking system
and shut up

Fuck the silence
Turn the violence on
Fuck the silence
Show them violence

Get the fuck of my way
If you stay where you stand
Get the fuck of my way
I always say what I fucking want to say
Track Name: Niewolnik
Brudny hajs, zajebane wpływy,
Rzygać mi się chcę, kurwy, na was.
Setki kłamstw, chroni ich policja -
Gówno mnie obchodzi taka władza.
Chuj wam do tego co robię i w co wierzę,
Robię to co chce a nie to co ktoś rozkazał.

Nie jestem niewolnikiem

Urodzony wolnym, wolnym pozostanę.
Wolność to idea której nie ogarniesz.

Urodzony wolnym!